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Vintage Clothing.Shoes & bootsHats & bonnets.Parasols, purses,   fans & more.Textiles & trims.
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I have grown up in the antique business loving and appreciating old things. Ever since I was a small child my mother Beth used to take me to yard sales and swap meets always looking for unique one of kind items for resell. I started working full time with her when we took our business online in 1999 via our website and ebay. In 2014 my mother retired from the business do to health reasons and I am now doing it full time with my husband Gary Spiegel traveling throughout the US looking for quality merchandise.
We have worked with and sold to many costume designers,
fashion designers, museums and collectors from all over the world.
I have participated on the PBS
show Antiques Roadshow as an appraiser for Clothing and Textiles. Which was an experience of a lifetime to be part of such a reputable organization and a group of knowledgeable experienced appraisers. It has been fun meeting new people from all over the US and seeing their treasures.
We are always on the lookout for new items to purchase and have earned a reputation for being honest, knowledgeable, as well as professional, friendly and personable.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to doing business with you soon!

Julie Guernsey & Gary Spiegel

You can contact us at julie@1860-1960.com

Sadly my mother, mentor, best friend died in February 2022. It has been a difficult, sad time for me, but continuing on with the knowledge and love for vintage she instilled in me at an early age I feel she is still a part of me as well as the business she started many years ago. Her legacy continues to live on. I miss you mom!

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Vintage Clothing. Shoes & boots Hats & bonnets. Purses, parasols, fans & more. Textiles & trims.
Vintage Clothing.
Shoes & boots
Hats & bonnets.
Textiles & trims.
Textiles & trims.

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